Home: Barbados west coast beachfront 6 bedroom* villa in 2 acres of tropical gardens with 50' pool for rent

Why Barbados?: Barbados is sunnier and drier than many other islands in the Caribbean. The steady trade winds create the most comfortable of tropical climates.

Why Barbados?: With one of Barbados’ best beaches just through the garden gate, Nelson Gay is perfectly situated for water sports. On the sheltered, western “Platinum Coast” pristine white sand, calm, clear water and coral reefs make an ideal natural playground.

The Estate: Built in the finest colonial style, Nelson Gay makes the most of probably the best location on the favoured west coast of Barbados. Next to the celebrated Cobbler’s Cove Hotel, and located on a half-mile crescent of pristine coral sand, this house is one of Barbados’ best kept secrets.

Nelson Gay Estate: Nelson Gay is impressive but never pretentious. A unique blend of elegance and good taste makes it a very special house for discerning guests. The dining table was designed by Oliver Messell with 12 French antique chairs and a large Messell mirror.

Accommodation: A Barbados West Coast beachfront luxury rental property in the best of taste to rent

Barbados beach front villa to rent Accommodation Specifications:

Rates & Booking: A Barbados luxury vacation home to rent

Testimonials: "It was like stepping into a magical film set. Fabulous setting, decor, first class staff and service, best vacation ever!"
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